The best bubble tea in Hong Kong is right around the corner

Boba tea, or bubble tea, is an international phenomenon. What makes boba so special?

Boba tea, or bubble tea, is an international phenomenon. Though it originated in Taiwan, people across the globe have caught on to its wonders, and you can find it in London, New York, Paris, and of course, Hong Kong. What makes boba so special? Well, for starters – it’s almost completely customisable. Whether you like yours with black tea or green, less sweet or brown sugar, regular or fully loaded, there’s a perfect boba for you – and shops are more than happy to make it for you.

With just the right amount of sweetness and the perfect chewiness, boba might just be the best drink around. It’s somewhere between a beverage, a dessert and a lifestyle, and we’re here for it. Whether you have one as an occasional treat, or a daily ritual, it’s always good to know where the best boba spots are. That’s why we’ve rounded up this list of the five best bubble tea shops in Central. Snap a picture and tag it with #LKF for a chance to be featured in our regular food and drink roundup.

Chun Fun How (春芳號)

Sometimes, the original is the best. Chun Fun How was one of the first to do sweet potato tea, and it’s still one of our favourite spots to indulge. We love this easy-to-find spot for their incredibly diverse menu. Whether you want a refreshing aloe-based tea, or a fiery ginger concoction, they’ve got it. If you’re overwhelmed by the menu, just choose something from their ‘top seller’ list. All their drinks are served in the cutest floral cups, perfect for the ‘gram. Let’s get your bubble tea at discounted price here!

Chun Fun How
G/F Lap Fai Building, 6 Pottinger Street, Central

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Space Between Daily Tea Time by Don’t Yell at Me (不要對我尖叫,日常茶間)

Fancy a spot of art with your boba? Then Space Between Daily Tea Time by Don’t Yell at Me is for you. Don’t let the long-winded name put you off, this is a great spot for refreshing bubble tea, and it’s owned by Taiwanese artist Yako Chan. All of their teas are brewed with natural ingredients, and you can choose between taro or pearls in your drink. Though the flavours here are big, the shop is small – so don’t expect to sit in.  

Space Between Daily Tea Time by Don’t Yell at Me
Shop H23, G/F Lyndhurst Building, 23-39 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central; +852 3590 6936

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea (一芳台灣水果茶)

While most bubble tea shops have a generic feel, Yi Fang works hard to maintain their family touch, despite being a super popular chain. They use techniques that have been passed for generations in each of their hand-crafted beverages – no mixes here! They use only the freshest, seasonal fruits and natural ingredients, so you can feel good about what you’re drinking. Two favourites are the decadent brown sugar pearl black tea latte and the sweet and refreshing roselle lemonade, but order what looks good to you – you won’t be disappointed!

Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea
Shop G3, G/F Nan Fung Place, 173 Des Voeux Road Central; +852 2634 6877

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Chun Yang Tea (春陽茶事)

Another popular chain, Chun Yang Tea is huge all across Asia despite only opening a few years ago. They focus on more traditional black tea varieties with no artificial flavours. If you’re a purist, this is your shop. Opened by celebrities Wang XinKai and Chen Jianzhou, it’s also popular with the stars, if you’re into that. They import their regular pearls from Taiwan and refresh the tapioca regularly, so you’ll never have a nasty, stale bite.

Chun Yang Tea
Shop 2, G/F Sun Fung House, 52-60 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central; +852 2866 2225

TP Tea (茶湯會)

If you’re a bubble tea connoisseur, you should head to TP Tea. They’ve been perfecting their craft for over 30 years. Their philosophy is that tea should make people happy, and whatever they’re doing is working. It’s impossible to leave TP Tea without a smile. Not only do they use the finest teas, but each batch is inspected by a third party to make ensure it’s of the highest possible quality. Like we said, this one is for the tea connoisseurs.

TP Tea
Shop C1, G/F World-Wide House, 19 Des Voeux Road Central; +852 2866 1997

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