A Comprehensive Guide to Lan Kwai Fong’s Juiciest Burgers

Burgers have always been in fashion but this year they are becoing more trendy than ever. From the thickest patties to the most adventurous toppings, the classic burger has been re-interpreted and become a fine-dining experience in its own right. Since Hong Kong is always ahead of the trends, we’ve compiled the juiciest burgers in Lan Kwai Fong for the ultimate guide to eat your way through. Who cares if it’s the season of junks and bikini bodies – we’re all about indulging in the very best comfort food to make every bite count.
Beef & Liberty
beef & liberty

Toasty buns, perfectly cooked patties and cheese melted to perfection – that’s what to expect from the burgers at Beef & Liberty. From the classics with thick crunchy bacon to a Mexican-inspired burger with beef chili, there’s a variety of options that are as juicy as they are tasty (even the vegetarian ones).
Beef and Liberty
3/F, California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Central
+852 2450 5778

The Diner
the diner burger hong kong

This homage to American diners is putting all of the burger joints to shame with some of the most extravagant toppings we’ve ever seen. Starving? Made with four 6 oz patties, The Skyscraper burger will test even the biggest eaters. If you’re a lover of cheeseburgers, the Skirt burger – named after the oversized grilled slice of cheese skirt sitting atop the patty – is not to be missed!
The Diner
G/F, 4-8 Arbuthnot Road, Central
+852 2562 3181

Shake ‘em Buns
shake 'em buns
If there’s one spot in Hong Kong that every local religiously goes to it would be Shake ‘em Buns. The quirky (and at times tasteless) names are equally as outrageous as the burgers themselves. Try the Gang Bang House Party or Bayou Delights burger, though your tastebuds will thank you, your arteries won’t.
Shame ‘em Buns
UG/F, 76 Wellington Street, Central
+852 2810 5533

The Butchers Club
the butchers club
Serving all that’s beefy and good, The Butchers Club is one of the most popular spots in Hong Kong. Although every burger is worth sinking your teeth into, the Double Happiness burger, which features two large patties, offers everything you dream off. Served on two grilled cheese sandwiches, it’s topped with strips of maple bacon.

The Butchers Club
82 Stanley Street, Central
+852 2347 0777

Burger Circus
burger circus hong kong
Can’t have your burger without a milkshake too? At Burger Circus you’re at the right place. From the Cheeseburger Deluxe to a spicy chicken burger, there’s plenty of great grub to be had. Don’t forget to wash it down with Reese’s Pieces or an Oreos candy shake!
Burger Circus
22 Hollywood Road, Central
+852 2878 7787

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