How to Live Zero Waste in Hong Kong

When it comes to waste, it feels almost impossible to avoid in Hong Kong. Whether we’re talking about takeaway containers or cutlery, we often throw it away immediately without giving it a second thought.

Luckily, there are plenty of initiatives in Hong Kong who have made it their life mission to reduce waste with a global perspective. From scrumptious leftovers to bringing your own coffee cups, this city is home to plenty of entrepreneurs who are saving the planet so you can too!

The Coffee Academics

coffee academics lkf

Hong Kongers drink plenty of coffee throughout the day, which results in a lot of paper cups and plastic lids being tossed away. Though we all need a midday boost, bringing your own cup to your favorite coffee shop is the perfect way to reduce wastage while still getting your caffeine fix.

The Coffee Academics
24 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong; +852 2110 1728

Live Zero

live zero hong kong

As Hong Kong’s very first zero-waste store, Live Zero is determined to change the way we consume. Spreading the waste-free lifestyle, the online store offers everything from eco paint to lunchboxes and bodycare.

Plastic Free HK

plastic free hk

Set on creating a waste-free planet, Plastic Free HK focuses on minimalistic and eco-friendly products. With design and sustainability in mind, the e-shop features everything from kitchen essentials to cosmetics. Every item encourages a green lifestyle.

The R Collective

the r collective hong kong

Based in Hong Kong, The R Collective is a fashion brand focused on upcycled collections. Proving that fashion can be a positive force, they collaborate with emerging designers to create striking pieces with luxury materials that would otherwise go to waste. What could be better than transforming your wardrobe for the greater good?

Food Saviour

food saviour hong kong

No time to cook? Food Saviour works with restaurants such as Jinjuu and Rummin’ Tings to reduce waste by offering leftovers. Just order from the menu on the site and pick it up right away. It’s hassle-free while impacting the environment in the most powerful way!

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