The Causeway Bay hotspot is bringing delicious creativity to sustainability

Guilt-free drinking takes on a whole new meaning at John Anthony, who just launched a new zero-waste bar programme. John Anthony, a modern Cantonese spot in the heart of Causeway Bay, has incorporated sustainability into its DNA since the opening, with thoughtful design and responsible food sourcing. They’re on a mission to inspire Hong Kong and prove that sustainability and flavour can go hand-in-hand. They’ve nailed it.

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The new menu took nine months to perfect and includes four gin & tonics and nine signature cocktails, all inspired by spices found along the historic Silk Road. Made with sustainable, locally foraged ingredients, every drink is 0% plastic (or waste) and a 100% flavour. The bar team has even introduced a composting area to ensure food scraps are turned into rich fertalizer, instead of landfill waste. The team has even convinced their local suppliers to adopt plastic-free methods, and it’s paying off.

The Bay of Bengal

One of the most interesting additions they’ve made are four new 12-litre tubes in the centre of the restaurant’s bar. A perfect example of form and function in harmony, this striking new feature actually serves a vital purpose: it’s filled with booze! House-infused gins like shiso, strawberry, sun-dried tomato and rhubarb to be exact. Batched monthly, these infusions are poured directly into their new G&T collection to create exciting new cocktails like Strawberry & Apple, made with strawberry-infused gin, local honey, blackcurrant, cardamom bitters and a light tonic; and Sun-Dried Tomato. If you have a dryer palate, this one’s for you – gin, rosemary, bay leaf, juniper and 1724 tonic. It’s the best salad you’ve ever drank.

The Discovery

Save room for a cocktail or two, and taste centuries of history with every sip. The team worked hard to highlight flavours that represent the most highly prized commodities of the Silk Road, like black pepper and cardamom in Bay of Bengal, and cloves in Into the Wilderness. Many ingredients are recycled, like passion fruit husk and lime skins, while others are sourced as locally as possible. The Discovery cocktail uses chocolate malt from a local beer supplier and bee pollen from Sha Tin.

The Wanderer

Ready to sip on sustainability all night long? Make a reservation at John Anthony ASAP to try their new zero-waste bar programme. Prices range from $90 – HK$130.

John Anthony
B01-B10, Basement One, Lee Garden Three, 1 Sunning Road, Causeway Bay; +852 2898 3788