With over 2.8 million Instagram followers and 1.7 million subscribers in just over a year, Why Don’t We are one of pop music’s biggest breakout groups. The quintet released four EPs within a year – the last of which, “We Don’t We Just”, skyrocketed to #1 on iTunes’ “Pop Albums” chart. 

why don't weThe band’s single “These Girls” has over 48 million views on Youtube alone and is inspired by their fans. Having perfected the art of dance pop, the Why Don’t We boys’ success can be attributed to their genuine relationship with their fans and the fact that Gen Z can personally relate to them and their songs. They even have a single written by legendary singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran called “Trust Fund Baby”, which topped the iTunes Pop Songs Chart at #2.  
Performing in Hong Kong for the first time on 22 August as part of their “The Invitation Tour” and Live Nation’s Asia’s SOUNDBOX music series, which brings the most up-and-coming talented to Asia.  
Get your tickets for HK$490 starting from Monday, 25 June at 10AM via www.universe.com/whydontwehk.

LKF is giving away two tickets (valued HKD 980) for their August 22 show.
Game Period: 31 July – 7 Aug (12pm), 2018

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