Get ready Katy Perry fans, there’s a new album out. But beware, because it’s one that many international music critics are hard pressed to love. 

Following on from the success of Prism in 2013, Perry began working on the album just last June. The result was roughly 40 songs that were edited down to 15 tracks on the new release, Witness. Click here to listen on Spotify. 

katy perry witness album review lan kwai fong hong kong

The result? An album that’s being seen as slightly more mature, however one better suited to dancing in the clubs, than singing in the car. 

With parallels being drawn to the work of Madonna in the early 1990s (the peroxide hair and Vogue-era), Witness is an album with more than a touch of House. The tracks vary, with some seen to be much too repetitive, littered with messaging. In one instance a track appears to take aim at Taylor Swift, in response to the hit 'Bad Blood', which was reportedly written about Perry.

katy perry witness album review lan kwai fong hong kong

There’s also talk of some tracks falling short. They’re nearly solid but something is missing. The track, 'Bon Appétit' is meant to be purringly sexy but touches upon the repetitive and with lyrics such as “All that you can have, boy. Got me spread like a buffet” sounding rather degrading.

Swear words and cursing also abounds, interjecting at unexpected intervals and giving reason to the parental warning sticker. But why?

katy perry witness album review lan kwai fong hong kong

Pushing the bad to the side, let’s focus on the good. In Perry’s case that comes in the form of ballads, and the songs, 'Miss You More' and 'Save as Draf't both really work for her. Perhaps an indication of where her focus should really be and what her fans love her for.

To clarify, Witness isn’t a bad album. Perry herself says “I think it’s definitely a new era for me. I call it an era of purposeful pop.” Collectively, however, it fails to hit the bulls eye. It’s a little all over the place and perhaps that’s a call for commercial attention, rather than something that is authentic and worthy of an artist of Perry’s stature.

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