The Hottest Summer Nail Trends of 2019

Put your best fingers forward this summer with these gorgeous manicures

They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but actually, they’re wrong. The perfect accessory to any outfit is a manicure. This summer, the rule of thumb is simple: anything goes. Feel free to take as many, or as few, risks as you like with your look.

Read on to find a few of our favourite styles at the moment.

Go Neutral

Neutrals are always an elegant idea, but this season they’ve gotten a little makeover. Forget about your classic off-white or skin-toned colours and embrace the new generation of neutral. Muted shades of peach, coral and coffee were all the rage on the runways, and they flatter every skin tone while still being understated. We love the options from Olive & June!

Go Bold

If neutrals aren’t your style, you’re in luck. Because summer is a more relaxed season, you can afford to go a little wild with your nails. Bright, vivid colours and patterns are all the rage right now. Whether you opt for a quirky tie-dye like Kim Kardashian did, or a mix-and-match palette like Park Eunkyung, the artist behind @Nail_unistella, you’re going to look amazing.

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Go Minimal

Nail art is always in, but sometimes you want to keep things subtle. Well, a sweet and subtle pop of nail art might be just the thing for you. We love Betina Goldstein’s style, especially these amazing gold-chain-tipped nails. They’ll work with any outfit and situation, but still show the world how chic you are.

Go Maximal

If you’re more of a bigger-is-better kind of gal, then this summer is your season. Nail artists are pushing boundaries more than ever before, and we can’t get enough of their over-the-top 3D designs. Some artists will work with shadows to create the illusion, while others, like Gina Marie at @fresh.claws will create pieces that actually work with 3D glasses like these ones, captured @nail_swag.

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