There’s nothing like a bit of music to get you hyped up everyday. Designed to take you from morning ‘till late, Monday to Sunday… Lan Kwai Fong’s new Spotify playlists will have something for everyone and for every occasion. They will also be updated every month so you can stay on top of all the biggest music trends and be the first to discover some of the best new hits. 

From chilled acoustic tracks to the catchiest songs in Asia, you can now enjoy the very best of Lan Kwai Fong no matter where you are. Let LKF’s vibe surround you every second. Be sure to check back regularly for curated playlists inspired by the events and festivals happening around Lan Kwai Fong.



Get ready with these classic anthems for the upcoming Official Hong Kong Sevens After Party at Lan Kwai Fong. Don't forget to follow our Lan Kwai Fong Official Spotify Account, as we will update our playlists each month.


LKF Happy Holidays:

Come celebrate in Lan Kwai Fong or enjoy this LKF Happy Valentine playlist!


LKF Asian Flavour:

To all chopsticks users, enjoy a serving of the most delicious Asian beats in Lan Kwai Fong. 


LKF City Chill:

From fancy rooftop restaurants to chilled out bars, here's how we like to hang out on a sunny day.


LKF Electrik Room:

20 of the best underground house and techno selections from Lan Kwai Fong.


LKF Poppin Remix:

Some of the better remixes of your favorite tunes.


LKF Spotlight DJ – Roy Malig:

One of Hong Kong’s original DJs, ViBAHolics (or Roy Malig as “the man” knows him) was spinning at Club 97 when your parents were still cool. His schedule is always changing, but it’s worth a little extra effort to find him so you can dance to his retro-grooves and soulful tunes, as in this playlist.