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Six Sexy – low cal – Drinks to keep you Slim & Trim

Fancy an epic night out but don’t want it to go to waist? Check out some of our favourite low-calorie drinks.

There’s nothing worse than a hangover and morning bloat the day after a night of revelry. The empty calories add to the burden of guilt and remorse but fear not fair maiden (or kind sir!), for we have a few suggestions for you if you are watching your weight and counting calories.

Here are the top drinks with the lowest calories. Trust us. We’ve done years of R&D (research and development) on it! Starting off with a perennial favourite…

The classic Mojito: 168 calories

Image courtesy

When there’s a heat wave, there’s nothing like the minty cool Cuban classic Mojito. With just five ingredients (white rum, sugar cane juice, lime juice, soda water, and mint), the combination of citrus and sweetness, its a salad in a glass.

4/F, The Plaza, 21 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong; +852 2851 4880

Old Fashioned: 154 calories

Four ingredients and a hundred-and-fifty-four calories, the concoction of whiskey, sugar, bitters, and water was launched circa 1806 – hence the sepia-toned terminology and its aroma filled with nostalgia. The drink is heavy in history (articles and features on the drink date back to the Chicago Daily Tribune in February 1880!) but it won’t make you heavy.

The Envoy
3/F The Pottinger Hotel, 74 Queen’s Road Central, Central; +852 2169 3311

Gin and Tonic: 148 calories

Well the uncomplicated ingredients are in the name, add ice and you’re good to go. The quality of the gin makes all the difference (we have our favourites such as Monkey 47, Hendrick’s and of course Tanqueray No. Ten) but never fear, its only a moment on the lips and hips. Legend has it that the gin and tonic was developed in the last century to make quinine more palatable. Quinine is an essential ingredient used to cure and prevent malaria simultaneously, so any time someone gives you guff while you’re downing a G’n’T, remember, you’re doing it for your health!

Dr. Fern’s Gin Parlour
Shop B31A, First Basement Floor, Landmark Atrium, Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road, Central; +852 2111 9449

Or try

G/F, 48 Wyndham Street, Central;+852 2668 5583

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Vodka Soda: 96 Calories

Image courtesy Ketel One Vodka

There’s a reason why every long, leggy model you’ll ever run into in Central will be clinging on to a Vodka Soda – it has one of the least amounts of calories. For the record, a juicy pear has a 100 calories – a vodka soda has four less!

Hugger Mugger
52-60 Wyndham Street, Central; +852 2362 8988

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Rum and Coke: 96 Calories.

Image courtesy of Art of Drink

Ok a slight edit there – it has to be a ‘diet’ Coke or a Coke Zero with a splash of rum and lime juice that makes it just 96 calories. This classic highball drink (also from Cuba) is an easy pick if you’re a picky drinker.

Employees Only
19 Lan Kwai Fong, Central; +852 2468 2755

Champagne: 90 Calories.

Well, well, well. Look what we have here. It may not always be forgiving on the wallet, but it sure is in the calorie department. Now there are many reasons for this; serving sizes for champagne is usually smaller, four ounces of champagne is roughly 90 calories while wine generally has over a 100. So next time you’re at an event or when the bottles come out popping – go forth guiltless and enjoy the night.

Bar De Luxe
30/F, Asia Pacific Centre, 8 Wyndham Street, Central; +852 3706 5716

So there you have it folks; six sexy drinks to keep you lookin’ hot this season.

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