Peru Pisco is the New Spirit of Summer

Move over tequila and get lost vodka. Pisco has landed in Hong Kong, and we’re officially naming it the spirit of summer 2019.

For the first time ever, the Trade Commission of Peru in Hong Kong is teaming up with the Lan Kwai Fong Association and local venues to promote Peruvian culture by introducing our city to the new spirit of the summer with a new initiative: “Pisco Nights”. Launching on 5 July and running through September, mixologists from CÉ LA VI Hong Kong, Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge and The Coffee Academics will take turns showcasing new cocktails made from Peru Pisco.

Each month, a new cocktail will be featured, starting off with CÉ LA VI Hong Kong’s Pisco Highball. and Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge’s El Piña Pisco. It all finishes in September with The Coffee Academics’ creation, Tropical Brew.

But before you try it Pisco, however, you have to understand it. Read on to find out all about Peru’s favourite spirit, Pisco, and where to try it in Hong Kong.

What is Pisco?

The Pisco Highball, from CÉ LA VI Hong Kong

Simply, Pisco is Peru. The two are synonymous, because that’s how closely tied the clear spirit is to the culture of Peru. Pisco is a clear, bold grape brandy that’s steeped in centuries of history and tradition. The name itself refers to the port the Spaniards used to ship the spirit home—Europe had a taste for it as early as the 16th century, and comes from the Quechua term pisscu, which means bird.

Pisco is native to Peru, distilled from pisquera grapes. Its creation is an art form, keeping ancient knowledge alive every step of the way. From growing and tending to the vines, to creating the clay jars in which the brandy is stored for at least three months. The brandy is then bottled directly from the resting vessels, with no additional additives to keep the taste as pure as possible. And of course, it’s never aged in wood, and only ever distilled in a copper still.

El Piña Pisco by Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge

Pisco’s history is inextricably linked to Peru’s—and did we mention it’s delicious? There’s a wide variety of Pisco available. It can be made from an individual varietal of grape, called a ‘puro’, or with a blend of grapes, which is referred to as an ‘acholado’, and each has its own unique taste. It’s worth trying a few different ones to find your favourite profile, and we know just where to do it.

Where to Find It

The Tropical Brew, by The Coffee Academics

Ready to try Pisco for yourself? Head to CÉ LA VI Hong Kong to try the beautiful Pisco Highball, Honi Honi Tiki Lounge for their pineapple-inspired El Piña Pisco, and The Coffee Academics for Tropical Brew. We have a feeling it’s going to be one of our favourite drinks of the season.

Pisco Nights run through September 2019. For more information, visit the official website here.

CÉ LA VI Hong Kong
25/F California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Central; +852 3700 2300

Honi Honi Tiki Cocktail Lounge
3/F, Somptueux Central, 52 Wellington Central; +852 2353 0885

The Coffee Academics
G/F Guilar House, 24 D’Aguilar Street, Central; +852 2110 1728

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