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#MYLKF with ThisGirlAbroad

Hong Kong's favourite anonymous blogger spills all of her favourite Lan Kwai Fong spots 

She’s one of our favourite influencers, and we don’t even know her name! Okay, actually – we do, but you don’t. @ThisGirlAbroad is one of the city’s most popular expat bloggers, and she never shows her face. This Canadian native moved to the city almost seven years ago, and has never looked back. It may have been a job that brought her here, but it’s Hong Kong’s amazing selection of restaurants and bars that kept her here.

If you’re not one of her nearly 20,000 Instagram followers—you should be! This foodie-fitness-fanatic posts gorgeous pictures of hikes, restaurants, views and the occasional flat lay. She’ll be the inspiration you need to get out and live it up all winter long.

Read on to find more about the daring, enigmatic @ThisGirlAbroad.

What originally brought you to Hong Kong?
I moved to Hong Kong six and a half years ago for work. There weren't any job opportunities where I lived, and I just so happened to come across a great job here in Hong Kong. And just like that, I moved to Hong Kong. Thankfully I moved here with one of my closest friends, which made the transition a million times easier. In the end, I took a big leap of faith, but I haven't looked back since. 

hong kong influencer this girl abroad lan kwai fong
When did you start your blog / Instagram?
I began my blog about six months after I moved to Hong Kong. It was really just a way to dump images somewhere, so my family back home could see what I was up to. Everything was password protected at the time and I didn't really think much of it. Over time, I began to enjoy writing more about my experiences and I eventually made my posts public. From there, my blog just kind of transformed and grew into what it is today. 

As for Instagram, I was a bit late jumping on that – I didn't start my Instagram until around three years ago. Ironically enough, I was adamant about not getting an Instagram account initially, as I thought it was just another social media fad and didn't realise how crucial it would be to my blog's success. 

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You’re one of the few influencers who doesn’t show their face, why did you decide to keep yourself a mystery?
The reason I initially chose to remain anonymous (not show my face, tell my name, etc.) was because of my job. My "brand" of taking photos with the back of my head or a side profile was completely accidental. I wanted to connect more with my followers by being present in the photos while still showcasing the beauty of the place I travelled to or dish I ate rather than having myself be the central focus of the photo. I've contemplated "revealing" myself, but I kind of like how I've become a bit of an enigma. That being said, I've actually been spotted out a few times, so if you recognise my long blonde hair and jewellery, please say hi!

Tell us about the first time you came to Lan Kwai Fong!
Lan Kwai Fong was one of the two places I would go to in my first few years of living in Hong Kong. It feels like ages ago now, but one thing I'm sure of was that "Club Seven" was involved.  

What was your first impression of it?
Chaotic, loud, wild, but insanely fun

Where are your favourite photo spots in the area?
The street that looks down into LKF, any rooftop bar, the amphitheatre, or any dingy wall that has a tonne of ads plastered on it for that true Lan Kwai Fong photo op.

What would your perfect Lan Kwai Fong night be? 
If the weather was nice, I'd start with casual drinks up on Fofo by El Willy's rooftop before having dinner at Carbone. Then I'd go to Employees Only for a few more drinks before ending my night with a cheeky dance or two at Petticoat Lane. 

What are your favourite restaurants in the area?
Beef & Liberty, Cafe Siam (for their Khao Soi), Tokio Joe, Chaiwala, and "secret" momos.

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Where would you go for a big night out?
I often don't plan a big night out; they just creep up on me and before I know it it's 3:00 am. Basically, going to any bar or club in LKF can turn into a big night with the right people and the right number of drinks.

What’s your favourite cocktail in Lan Kwai Fong?
Not sure I have a favourite cocktail, but my favourite drink in general is a Negroni, which, thankfully, isn't difficult to find. I would, however, recommend trying the Kill Bill Shot from Geronimo's. You can thank me (or hate me) later.

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