There’s nothing that gets us more excited and in the mood for the holidays than a festive playlist. When it comes to Christmas, we don’t need snow and freezing cold to get us in the holiday spirit. So whether you’re rushing to do some last-minute shopping or looking for the ultimate soundtrack to your holiday dinner, we found the very best playlists to subscribe to.

christmas playlist oldies lkf
Cozy up in front of the fireplace and listen to some of the best Christmas songs ever written. This playlist is filled with classics from Nat King Cole to Elvis Presley and everything in between. The perfect soundtrack to an evening with your loved ones.

classical christmas playlist lkf
Let Mozart move you with this curated list of symphonies. Whether you are preparing Christmas dinner or relaxing on the couch with a great book, this will be your go-to playlist if you enjoy classical music.

pop christmas playlist lkf
Even though we play them on repeat every year, we still can’t get enough of these holiday pop songs. While Mariah Carey and Wham! are among our favourites, Celine Dion and Michael Buble are not to be missed either.

Indie Folk
indie folk christmas playlist lkf
Sick and tired of the same Christmas songs? This Indie Folk playlist features Angus Stone, Jose Gonzalez and many more treasures. We can’t think of a better night in, drinking wine while listening to these soul-stirring tunes.

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