Looking to give your spirits and wines a lift? We caught up with Christopher Liang, Chairman and CEO at Paragon Trading Asia, Hong Kong based producer and distributor of an eclectic range of spirits, fine and rare wines, to find out more.

Christopher Liang, Chairman and CEO at Paragon Trading Asia

“Within the wine world, there will be more preferences towards using organic ingredients and a resurgence in interest in natural wines. In the spirits category, we predict that there will be remakes of classic cocktails, with a fizzy twist.”

There is a lot of choice of high-quality spirits and wines in Hong Kong now, can you share a bit more about how you curate your collection?  

“As a direct shareholder and appointed brand ambassador of Gladstone for a range of remarkable wines from our own vineyards in New Zealand, we (Paragon) promote market awareness for our range of top-notch New World wines through careful curation, from pinot noir, pinot gris, and sauvignon blanc; all French grapes. On the other hand, we are also a Class A shareholder and premium retailer of a range of best-in-class spirits from Ireland, including single malt and blended whiskies and a very particular Gin with pronounced floral notes. “

What inspired you to start Paragon Trading Asia? What is your company philosophy?

“Out of our love for western wine culture, and as direct shareholders of several award-winning vineyards and distilleries, we started Paragon Trading Asia in 2021 to provide the people of Hong Kong with a greater variety of eclectic wines and spirits sourced from all around the world. Our company’s philosophy is to cultivate the interests of our clients in western wine culture by providing rare and fine products at accessible prices as well as host regular wine tasting events. “

What’s your favourite drink(s) right now? What’s your old standby?

“A good G&T is always a decent choice given the humidity of Hong Kong, while a glass of single malt whiskey on the rocks would be our standby especially during drizzly evenings and weekends.”

Everyone has a favourite LKF story, can you share one of your most memorable experiences with us?

“LKF has built up an international reputation as a centre of nightlife in Hong Kong, and invites connotations of fun, revelry, and good times particularly during seasonal festivals such as the Beerfest. Already in crowded Central, LKF gets extra busy during fourth quarter each year with all the additional events and tourism adding to the throngs of revellers. 

Paragon Trading Asia: https://wandsculture.com

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