What to See at the Asia Contemporary Art Show

Four pieces and art spaces that we can’t wait to see at this year’s Asia Contemporary Art Show

The Asia Contemporary Art Show returns for its 14th edition – and we can’t wait! It’s one of our favourite art events of the year! Last week we told you how to get ready for the show, and today we want to highlight some of the most exciting pieces on display.

The Asia Contemporary Art Show is the longest-running and most successful hotel art fair in Asia, and this year it will play host to over 2,000 pieces from around the world. The event kicks off with two exclusive Union Pay events, the UnionPay Private View on 29 March and UnionPay VIP Collector’s Preview. The space welcomes all visitor’s between 30 March – 1 April, and it’s not to be missed.

“The 14th edition will feature a variety of artists both up-and-coming and established,” says Show Director Mark Saunderson, who is excited about this year’s variety. Ready to dive into the world of Contemporary Art? Read on to find our top picks at this year’s Asia Contemporary Art Show!

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Artist Dialogues
For those looking to truly immerse themselves in the art, Artist Dialogues is a must. This initiative presents intimate art spaces where collectors and enthusiasts can get up close and personal with the works, and the creators. This is the place to be to learn about the inspiration and artistic methods that went in to each painting, gaining a deeper understanding of the works as a whole.

Dickson Yewn
what to see at the asia contemporary art fair 2019
"Three Folds Auspiciousness – Reclaimed Wood Bangle" by Dickson Yewn, Literati Artspace, Hong Kong, Room 4319

Since childhood, Dickson Yewn has devoted himself to fine arts and felt an especially strong affinity to Chinese arts and culture. Since 1995, Yewn has created many out-of-the-box and extraordinary jewellery pieces. His works not only draw inspiration from Chinese arts and culture, but did magic in transforming centuries old tradition into modern, wearable, contemporary Chinese arts.

Madeleine Ekeblad
what to see at the asia contemporary art fair 2019“June Concert” by Madeleine Ekeblad, OMSA Art Gallery, Malaysia, Room 4305
Madeleine Ekeblad's art sings to the audience with lyrical strokes of flowing paint, eloquently reflecting the nature of herself who lives the dynamic and exuberant philosophy she has and the role that art plays in today’s society. Collectors from Australia, France, Vienna, China & Hong Kong are aware of her expressionist, ‘freeform’ style which combines the elements of music, rhythm and movement.
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Christopher Marley
what to see at the asia contemporary art fair 2019
“Ontogenesis” by Christopher Marley, USA, Room 4006

Christopher Marley is an American artist and naturalist. His unique aesthetic was honed while working for iconic fashion brands. Marley’s artwork has been exhibited in over 500 galleries and special exhibits worldwide spanning museums such as The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Bergdorf Goodman and Saks 5th Avenue (NYC) and have been licensed by the World Wildlife Fund, National Geographic Explorer, Kyoto Journal, Science News, Johns Hopkin University Press, and Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London.

In 2017, Marley’s Pheromone Asia Studio opened in Beijing—and is the first entity to be granted legal permission to import insect specimens into the People’s Republic of China.

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