Go Inside Hong Kong’s Coolest New Spot: The ThirtySix Bar & Co

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, this dramatic new whisky-spot takes your breath away.

Have you heard the good news? Hollywood Road has become home to another new bar, but it’s nothing like you’ve seen before. Forget cliché décor and boring drinks, The ThirtySix Bar & Co, which just opened last month, is a bar for whisky people, by whisky people.

A group of friends decided to take over the space after iconic spot Angel’s Share closed down. Under the leadership of managing partner Philippe Ngyuen, they managed to transform the venue in just 36 days. Angel’s Share was the Hong Kong’s first whisky bar, and The ThirtySix is hoping to continue their legacy, providing a stunning spot for whisky lovers to come and learn about their favourite spirit.

the thirtysix bar hong kong hollywood road whisky lan kwai fong Philippe Ngyuen stands in front of a mural at The ThirtySix Bar & Co

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Ngyuen, a veteran in the industry (he was the F&B consultant for Classified, Tazmania Ballroom and even Lily & Bloom, amongst other things), is the driving force behind the menu and chic design here.

We spoke with him to find out everything you need to know about Hong Kong’s hottest new whisky bar.

Was the decision to open the bar an impulsive one, or had you all been considering it for a long time?
When the venue became available a few months ago, we decided to take it on the spot and do something creative with it.

the thirtysix bar hong kong hollywood road whisky lan kwai fong

Why did Hong Kong need another bar? 
We try to provide a place where those who are cocktail enthusiasts or simply cocktail-curious could enjoy and learn.

How did you come up with the name?
I was reading about the new The Macallan distillery design, and a friend suggested the name. The Macallan’s new distillery hosts 36 copper pot stills in which they distil their whisky. We’re passionate about whisky and its creation, this is why guests arriving at The ThirtySix are welcomed by a spectacular glass-​encased display that tells the journey of whisky as it matures in the cask. 

The interior is so dramatic and vintage, what did you have in mind when you were designing it?
We wanted to capture the essence of travelling in luxury trains in the early 1900s, so we decided to take elements from Art Deco design and also elements from the luxury trains that epitomised the glamour of the era.

the thirtysix bar hong kong hollywood road whisky lan kwai fong
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Will you be serving any food?
Not yet!

What’s the vibe like inside?
Sassy and elegant, like our cocktails.

Is your cocktail menu more traditional or innovative?
The ThirtySix Bar & Co fronts itself as a Highball cocktail bar. Tall, cool, and refreshing, the signature Highball forms the bulk of our menu but there are alternative options for the adventurous.

the thirtysix bar hong kong hollywood road whisky lan kwai fong
What kind of soundtrack do you guys play?
Occasionally we will have guest DJs hosting on Friday and Saturday nights, and our playlist is a mix of Motown and hip-hop.

Is it a wild one or more of a sophisticated, elevated experience inside?
Definitely a sophisticated affair on weeknights but you can expect it to be a little bit more groovy and funky on weekends.
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