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This March, Lan Kwai Fong, will be transformed into a focal point for art and food lovers during the HK Art Month. A diverse variety of 12 premium restaurants will be dishing out unique and innovative art-inspired menus, with the theme of "Colour of Ingredients", complemented with a series of art exhibitions and vivid events exclusively in Lan Kwai Fong. 

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Modern Chinese eatery Tycoon Tann is known for its ultra-stylish interiors, trickling down to artistic and sophisticated presentations on the plate. This year’s art dishes are based on the theme of finding the beauty in natural ingredients, with the kitchen dishing up an array of colours from ingredients in the peak of their season, without the use of any artificial colouring agents.

The poached fresh tomato with assorted vegetables and bamboo roots pairs a humble and comforting chicken soup with mixed fungus and mushroom with a bright red tomato, topped on a bed of crunchy green Chinese lettuce. Meanwhile, those who are a fan of Tycoon Tann’s signature fried rice won’t want to miss the colourful variation on the dish this month — fried beetroot rice mixed with conpoy, Yunnan ham and egg whites, with a soak in freshly blended beetroot adding a vibrant red colour and a healthy boost of nutrition.

Tycoon Tann, 74 Wellington Street, Central, +852 3125 3228,

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