Pont des Arts Wines Celebrates One of China’s Greatest Artists

Pont des Arts is the wine company you need to know about. They pair exquisite pours with stunning works of art from the greatest minds in the creative world and each bottle is both a keepsake and a great conversation starter.

For their first series of wines, Pont des Arts chose to highlight the work of the world-renowned Chinese-French artist Zao Wou-Ki (1920 – 2013). Also known as The Great Master, Zao is considered one of the most successful Chinese painters. Born in Beijing, he became a French citizen in 1964, upon the specific request of André Malraux- the French Minister of Culture.

Zao once said, “Everyone is bound by a tradition. I am bound by two.” His paintings and technique represented his heart: torn between his two nations. His work is regarded as a harmonious blend of Chinese and European aesthetics. Western abstract elements became grounded in Chinese tradition, striking a chord with savants around the globe.

A labour of love, this collaboration has been years in the making. In fact, Zao worked closely with the two Pont des Art founds to select the paintings associated with each wine for their first series. Zao was so prolific, that now Pont des Art is honouring him again with a second series: the Zao Wou-Ki 2011 Collection.

The new collection takes you on a journey through The Great Master’s work, from figurative to abstract. You can follow the arc of his life through the wine labels, noting the influence of different cultures throughout the years, from his early days in China to his last pieces made in Paris.

This new collection also introduces two exciting new wine appellations to Pont des Arts: a Meursault and a Pommard 1er Cru.
Pont des arts zao wou ki 2011
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