Where to Find Mindfulness in Lan Kwai Fong

Hong Kong is a hectic city. Between long work hours and even longer party hours, sometimes it all gets too much. It’s easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle, but don’t forget to take care of yourself too. While Lan Kwai Fong has tons of great restaurants and clubs, it also has a lot of options for selfcare and mindfulness. Now, these things can mean different things to different people, so we’ve broken them down into a few categories: yoga, meditation, beauty and spiritual.

We hope you can find one that resonates with you, and take some time out of a busy week to #treatyoself.

Yoga at Suhka Yoga & Wellness
lkf mindfullness yoga meditation

Moving your body is one of the critical steps of selfcare. You don’t need to run a marathon to get the benefits, it’s okay to be gentle with yourself. Check out Suhka Yoga & Wellness to get your prana (aka life force) flowing. Not only will you build strength, and boost your circulation, you’ll also start to develop a really beautiful connection with your body. The airy studio also just feels like an oasis of calm, even before you step on the mat. Right now they’re offering a great trial month package, with classes starting from just HK$100 a session – a great way to start your practice.
SUHKA Yoga & Wellness
3/F, 13 Lan Kwai Fong; +852 5702 8669

A Bastien Gonzalez Pedicure at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental
lkf mindfullness yoga meditation

Beauty isn’t vanity– it’s an important part of selfcare. If you feel good on the outside, you’ll start to feel good about yourself on the inside. This is one of the best pedicures you can get in the world. It’s waterless, and it focuses on the foot’s natural beauty and optimal health. There is no harsh nail filing, or jagged skin scraping. The trained technicians completely revitalising your tired pads, using scalpels, lancets, drills, diamond dust and more to bring your feet back to sandal-ready status. The Bastien Pedicure, as it’s known, is so in demand, a session with Bastien himself could set you back over HK$8,000, but at The Oriental Spa it’s HK$1,090. Yes, it’s still very expensive – but you can go early and take full advantage of their award-winning water facilities.  

The Oriental Spa
The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central;  +852 2132 0011

Singing Bowl Meditation at Luxe Nova
lkf mindfullness yoga meditation

Do you know how people talk about ‘good vibes’? Well, good vibes are real, and you can get your fill at Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio’s singing bowl meditations. Singing bowls create a range of beautiful sounds that are thought to restore your body’s natural frequencies, helping to align chakras and heal the mind, body and soul.

Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio
9F, V Plus, 68 Wellington Street, Central; +852 2898 0568

Holistic Health Coaching Session with Judy Xu
lkf mindfullness yoga meditation

When your car isn’t running right, you take it to the mechanic. When your phone is a little slow, off it goes to repair. But where do you go when your life isn’t quite in alignment? A holistic health coach, like Judy Xu. Xu will work with you to find your life’s purpose, and the best way to get there. She’s also trained in numerology and akashic records and can use these skills to help you achieve your #bestself.

Judy Xu at Balance Health
2705 Universal Trade Centre, 3-5 Arbuthnot Rd, Central; +852 2530 3315

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