Hong Kong is Having a Plant Based Moment

Being a proud carnivore is out. Hong Kongers today are all about that flexitarian life

Ordering vegetarian in Hong Kong can be stressful, to say the least. Speak to your plant-based friends, they'll surely have a few tales of 'secret pork' and hidden chicken in their vegetable dishes.

vegetarian food hong kong lan kwai fongA beautiful veggie burger from MANA! Fast Slow Food

But, new data says this might become a thing of the past! Green Monday has just announced the results of their most recent “Hong Kong Vegetarian Habit Survey”, and the results are pretty shocking. They found that a quarter of the Hong Kong population are practising “flexitarians” (mostly, but not devoutly plant-based), and nearly five per cent of the women are vegetarians. And the number of people who identified as “hardcore meat lovers” has almost halved compared to four years ago. 

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Once again, Hong Kong is bang on trend. Around the globe, conscious consumers are realising that a diet high in animal protein isn’t just bad for the body, it’s bad for the environment. According to the Mayo Clinic, an internationally recognised healthcare non-profit, regular consumption of red meat leads to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke or diabetes.

vegetarian food hong kong lan kwai fongA diet rich in legumes and greens is the future for Hong Kong

With green house gases and globing warming on the rise, it’s important to remember that a plant-based diet is also better for the environment, as it’s a more efficient use of land and water usage. According to Green Monday, Health Canada has even removed milk and dairy products from their food guide, encouraging people to get their protein from plant-based sources instead. 
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At the moment, Hong Kong has less than 300 vegetarian restaurants. But Green Monday founder David Yeung believes that there should be almost 720 restaurants to keep up with the city’s demand. But even though there is lots of room for improvement, it’s not all bad news! T
here are plenty of omni-restaurants are availableserving up delicious meals that suit carnivores and herbivores alike.

vegetarian food hong kong lan kwai fongVeggie burger at Beef & Liberty

And of course, being plant-based doesn’t mean being boring! You can still tuck in to delicious, crave-worthy foods like veggie burgers, Impossible Burgers, wraps and more! Ready to adopt a more plant-based lifestyle? Check out some of these awesome healthy lunches right around Central.

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