The South Korean superstars have you covered for summer outfit #inspo

When it comes to superstars, few shine as brightly as BTS. The South Korean boyband, which is also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan (“Behind the Scenes”) have dominated the international charts (and hearts!) since they launched in June 2013. Just last year, they were named as one of TIME100: The Most Influential People of 2019. Their latest album “Map of the Soul: 7” – released in February – has already made history, passing over 4 million certified sales, and has been a Billboard Top 25 since debuting.

Not only do they produce their own music – and give some of the best performances in the game – but they’ve also been involved in a number of incredible causes, like UNICEF’s (United Nations Children’s Fund) LOVE MYSELF campaign, which sought to end violence against children and teens and support programs for those affected.

They’re also – and we can’t stress this enough – so cool. Their fashion is always next-level, and they’re wardrobes are our sartorial inspiration for Summer 2020. Whether they’re rocking outlandish patterns or minimalist monochrome, we love everything these boys wear, and we’re ready to try and be as cool as BTS.

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All Black Everything

Don’t listen to the haters. Black is an all-year-round palette. If you need any convincing, just look at how good BTS look in their monochrome ensembles. Embrace ‘summer black’ with lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton (no leather jackets in the Hong Kong heat please). We can’t promise you can be as cool as BTS, but you can definitely look as cool.


Sports jerseys (off the court) have a bad reputation. They’re tired, they’re 90s, they’re for “bros”. And then we see them on BTS, and we’re ready to give them another chance. When paired with a shell jacket or neon long sleeve and distressed denim, they somehow become effortlessly cool. Can we pull it off? We’re not sure. Are we going to try? Absolutely.

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All White Everything

We’re clearly team monochrome – but how can you not be, when it looks so good. If you’re lucky enough to have an event this summer, why not take some style inspiration from the boys of BTS. A well-fitted white linen suit is a timeless choice that will always stand out (in all the right ways). But to freshen it up, opt for something oversized and pair it with white Chelsea boots for a bit of an edge.

Loud Patterns

Say it loud and say it proud, just like BTS does in their ‘IDOL’ music video. Whether you opt for zigzags, blocks of colour, or geometric shapes – a bold pattern can work for you. Well, no promises – but it certainly worked for BTS, and that’s good enough for us. An outfit choice this bold screams confidence, so be prepared to get some looks.

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All Pink Everything

Pink is for everyone, and no one proves that better than BTS, who rock these electric ensembles. If you’re not ready to go full flamingo – we get that. Why not try incorporating the power colour in slowly. We’re obsessed with the oversized blazer look, and you can pair that with an otherwise muted outfit for a pop of colour at work. Alternatively, try a chic pink button down with a pair of chino shorts.

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