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5 Reasons We Can’t Wait for the John Mayer Concert This Month

The king of social media clap-backs and chart-topping ballads is coming to the 852, and you know we’ll be there!

Picture this: it’s the early 2000s, you’re rocking your low-rise jeans or double-popped collars. No one talks about memes or the Kardashians yet, and you’ve got plans to see Ice Age in the cinema this weekend. You take out your brand-new iPod (first generation) and press ‘play’. “Your Body is a Wonderland” comes on. Life is good.

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Fast forward a few decades and the world is a little more complicated. But guess what? “Your Body is a Wonderland” is still an absolute tune. And who can resist crooning along to “Free Fallin’” or “Bigger Than My Body”? Nobody, that’s who. John Mayer has managed to stay a major player in the music world for over two decades, winning GRAMMYs and hearts along the way. The baby-blue-eyed singer is bringing his World Tour to Hong Kong this Monday, and here are just a few of the reasons why we’re going to be rocking out in the front row.

We Owe it to Ourselves
They say you never really grow up. And now that we’re just days away from being in the same room as our childhood crush, we believe them. Our inner child needs this, and we refuse to let them down. This will be a night our past selves will thank us for.

We Owe it to John Mayer

The guy is a great musician, clearly, but he’s also hilarious. If you follow him (or @CommentsByCelebs) on Instagram, you’ll know that the seven-time GRAMMY winner has got jokes—like the time he offered to break Halsey’s heart to help her get over writer’s block, or when he revealed his weird relationship with Pornhub to the world. And of course, the ‘New Light’ music video, which he filmed in front of a greenscreen like some sort of horrible 1980s audition tape. If you haven’t seen it, you need to.

He’s an Incredible Musician
Did you know you can play most major pop songs on a guitar with just a few power chords? Well, clearly John Mayer doesn’t, because he always goes way beyond the status quo. His guitar skills are legendary. Even Eric Clapton thinks he’s brilliant! John Mayer doesn’t pander to the mainstream crowds, instead he creates soulful and eclectic tracks, weaving in some serious blues skills, and we love him all the more for it

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“Your Body is a Wonderland”

Summer is pretty much here, and we need this body-positivity manifesto in our lives.

Because it’s Fun
Do you have something better to do on a Monday night? Because we don’t. Great music, classic tunes – sounds way better than a takeaway and Netflix to us! Living in Hong Kong, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to restaurants, hikes and bars, but our live music scene leaves something to be desired. That’s why we always try to take full advantage of the world-class performers that come to visit!
Now that you’re as excited as we are – it’s time to plan the after party! Head back into Lan Kwai Fong after the show for late-night bites and the city’s best clubbing!

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