The Danish “art of cosiness” can transform your apartment (and your life)

Hong Kong flats aren’t known for their feeling of warmth and hominess. In fact, it’s a fact universally acknowledged that most flats in this city are utilitarian at best. Sure, the kitchens are cramped, the storage is lacking and there’s no room for guests to sit – but it’s still home. So, you might as well make it feel like one.

That’s where hygge comes in. Hygge is an important part of Danish culture, and while it has no direct translation, at its core it means cosiness. Hygge is that moment when you’re curled up by a fire reading a good book or sharing a beautiful meal with your best friends. It means comfort, contentment and quiet happiness. It means the feeling of home.

And the good news is, anyone can hygge. Because it’s not a thing, it’s a lifestyle and an attitude. Ready to add some hygge to your life? Read on for some easy to adopt tips.

Make Comfort a Priority

Hate your sofa? Can’t stand your bed? Make a change! It might mean saving up for a bit (and you can always find great deals on second-hand sites like AsiaExpat), but it’ll be worth it in the end. Knowing you have a soft bed to lie down in, or a fabulous sofa to relax after a long day will make you look forward to spending more time at home. Bonus points for mixing up textures: think fun shaggy pillows with soft, velvety blankets. You can check out some of our favourite places for homeware here.

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Channel Marie Kondo

Clutter is the enemy to contentment. In a small Hong Kong flat it’s easy to be overrun by clutter, but with some help from Marie Kondo you can be living your best minimalist life in no time. Her unique KonMari method helps you keep what you love and say goodbye to what you don’t—streamlining and decluttering your space so you can live a richer, fuller life. You can read our abridged guide to her method here. And follow @theminimalistwardrobe for slow living inspiration.

Simple Pleasures

Hygge isn’t about anything lavish or even expensive. It’s about creating a world that’s beautiful, and cosy, to you. Have you been eyeing that fancy candle? Get it! Been wanting a new body scrub? Treat yourself! Craving chocolate? Splurge on the good stuff! And make sure you enjoy every flicker, scrub, and bite to the fullest. Because life is really all about the little things.

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Eat Real Food

Skip the takeout a few times a week cook food at home instead. You’ll feel better inside and out after a homemade roast chicken or a simple soup. This one takes a bit of planning (and no, PARKnSHOP isn’t hygge) but after a week or two you’ll fall into the habit. If you can’t face cooking, opt for a simple cheese and charcuterie board. Add a nice bottle of wine, a candle and a blanket for an indoor picnic – that’s peak hygge.

Relax in Style

If you’re still lounging around in old sweats and dingy boxers, it’s time to upgrade. Whether you’re more into cosy cotton pyjama sets or luxurious silk bathrobes, having comfortable and chic loungewear makes a world of difference. These don’t have to break the bank either, check your favourite stores to see what they offer in your style. Hygge is all about you and what you feel most comfortable in.  

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