These healthy food options are going to change the way you think about delivery.

It’s no secret: Hong Kong is hectic. It’s difficult to juggle work, play and everything in between, especially while trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Of course, there are fun workouts to help balance out the indulgences, but when it comes to food, that’s the real challenge.

Hong Kong is one of the most delicious cities in the world, so who wants to go home and make a boring salad or depressing dinner? No one, that’s who. And you don’t have to, thanks to these healthy food delivery services. Now you can enjoy an indulgent-seeming meal, without sacrificing an ounce of taste (or the effects of those spin classes!).

Read on to discover five companies that are crafting healthy meal plans that can delivered straight to your home or office. No more shopping or shopping for you, just quick, tasty and efficient dishes that will have you feeling your best this new year!


Hard-core gym enthusiasts should check out Mealthy. Their slightly awkward name says it all – they deliver healthy meals, designed with professional athletes and dedicated yogis, weight lifters and runners in mind. Every meal is cooked fresh to order and then immediately frozen, so you get the freshest possible dishes delivered straight to you. If weight loss is your goal, opt for their Swallow Scheme, which will help you get lean. Regular trainers and fitness fanatics should try the Eagle Scheme, which delivers a large enough portion to help grow muscle mass.

Mealthy meal plans start at HK$1,700 for 20 meals over two weeks. Visit their website for more information. 

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Get fresh, chef-made recipes delivered straight to you at the click of a button with NOSH. Their team of culinary experts sources the best ingredients for their meals, and they even cater to vegetarians. They have meal plans for weight loss, balanced diet (for maintence) and for muscle building. You can choose how many meals you want delivered and for how long. Choose three days for a quick detox, or go up to 19 days for a full lifestyle change.

NOSH meal plans start at HK$944 for three days. Visit their website for more information.

Nutrition Kitchen

Nutrition Kitchen meal plans are made with your body in mind. Designed by body composition experts who know exactly what you need to get your best physique. The result is a delicious selection of healthy, hearty meals that get delivered straight to you. Think tandoori chicken, baked Icelandic cod, Korean BBQ chicken and pulled beef brisket rendang. Trust us, you won’t feel like you’re missing out anything with Nutrition Kitchen.

Nutrition Kitchen meal plans start at HK$830 for a five-day package. Visit their website for more information.

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Food Folk

Eat well with the help of people who do good, with Food Folk. They specialise in home cooked, whole fool, non-GMO dishes that have big flavour and a small environmental impact. All of their produce and meat comes from local, seasonal farms, and the animals are raised on natural diets. They work with a team of professional chefs and health coaches to give you a comprehensive programme to nourish body and soul. Their Nourished Meal Programme is eight weeks long, but they offer a one week ‘taster’ session, which includes a health coaching session and personalised meal delivery. If you believe in the mind-body connection, this is the plan for you.

Food Folk’s Nourished Weekly Meal Plan starts from HK$1,825. Visit their website for more information.


Surprise! You don’t need a full meal plan to enjoy the benefits of healthy, sustainable food delivered to your door. MANA!, one of Hong Kong’s favourite and original plant-based restaurants, now delivers around the city. Whether you’re craving a wholesome lunch or a nourishing dinner, they’ve got you covered (via FoodPanda that is). So, when you’ve had a long day and cooking is the last thing on your mind, just whip out your phone and order your favourite sandwich, flat or burger. Then sit back, relax, and feel the om.

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