Linkin Park co-lead singer and guitarist Mike Shinoda will be performing in Hong Kong on August 7 as a solo artist one year after the tragic loss of the band’s frontman Chester Bennington. 
Shinoda is coming back to Asia with an album that represents both his artistry and his personal life. He will bring his solo work Post Traumatic EP to KITEC in Kowloon Bay for his fifth live show in Hong Kong. 

mike shinedThe American singer and musician, who founded Linkin Park during college in 1996, internalized Bennington’s abrupt suicide with art.“I wasn't eating or sleeping well, so I eventually started making some music and painting,” he recalls. “It was meditative in a way, but also scary. For so long, all my creative output was focused on the band. But I reminded myself that I had made music and art all my life before Linkin Park. Not only could I do it, this was necessary in order to move toward recovery.” 

linkin parkThe result of his writings is Post Traumatic, an EP containing three songs that he released in January accompanied by a homemade video, which will drop as a full album this June. Despite its title, the work is not exclusively about loss and grief but it’s also about a personal and internal journey of self-discovery and healing. “If people have been through something similar, I hope they feel less alone,” Shinoda says. “If they haven’t been through this, I hope they feel grateful.” 

linkin park mike shinoda chester bennington Place to Start, one of the first songs to be released, ends with a series of touching and powerful condolence voice mails from his friends as well as members of the Linkin Park community who often associate the group with his name. Although he took a break from the band to pursue hip hop project Fort Minor in 2005, Post Traumatic will be the first album that Shinoda releases under his own name. “The reason is, not only is this album very different, but it also doesn’t sound like Linkin Park,” he explains. His new sound, in fact, blends many different genres, from 1980s sounds to more contemporary electronic beats. 
Over the summer, Shinoda will perform all over the world, including dates in Japan, Russia, Ukraine, Europe and South Africa. 

To celebrate his come back to Hong Kong, LKF is giving away two tickets for his August 7 show.

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