Spring has finally arrived, and it is always a good time to try out something new to kick start the season! As the first authentic American smokehouse & barbecue joint in town, Smoke & Barrel has launched its very own signature line of smoked-meats burgers – “Smokin’ Hot Burgers by Smoke & Barrelby co-owners Arron Rhodes and Chef Chris Grare. The new burger menu features 6 exclusive burgers inspired by their namesake American states.

The new burger menu features 6 exclusive burgers, available now in Smoke and Barrel

Captures the heart of old-school American barbecue, Smoke & Barrel using all-American meats, slow-and-low traditional cooking techniques, and the one and only authentic imported wood-fired smoker in Hong Kong.

Introducing Smokin’ Hot Burgers by Smoke & Barrel

Get it while it’s hot! Smokin’ good burgers on offer now include the Texas Burger (HK$158) with dry aged beef patty cooked over an open flame and homemade maple bacon, cheddar cheese, and S&B’s signature BBQ sauce; the New York Burger (HK$138) made with 7-day brined pastrami corned beef that is slowly smoked for 12 hours, then served with sauerkraut and yellow mustard; the Carolina Burger (HK$108) created with pit-smoked pork shoulder rubbed with paprika and oregano, which is then hand-pulled for the most delicious and aromatic pulled pork served with slaw and apple vinegar sauce.

Tennessee Burger (HK$148) with smoked wagyu brisket that is slow-cooked for 14 hours over lychee wood and served with bourbon sweet sauce; Alabama Burger (HK$128), a not-so-typical fried chicken burger with shredded lettuce and homemade Alabama white sauce; and the tropical Aloha Burger (HK$138) featuring tender pork ribs topped with chargrilled Asian pineapple and local honey glaze.

No Smoke & Barrel burger is complete without some sides. Spice up the meal with Tater Tots fried to crispy perfection with lots of garlic and onion, and ultra-addictive BBQ Spice Fries. Add on just HK$28 to any burger order to enjoy a side of either tater tots or fries!

Finish off with a retro diner-style American Milkshake, with a choice of 2 different flavors including Strawberry & Maple and Truffle Chocolate Fudge (priced at HK$58).

Smokin’ Hot Burgers by Smoke & Barrel are now available daily for dine-in, takeaway or delivery.

Smoke & Barrel

1 st & 2 nd Floor, 32 Wyndham Street, Wyndham Mansion, Central, Hong Kong
+852 2866 2120

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