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3 Fitness Instructors Share Their Favourite Workouts

Even the pros need to get a good workout in, find out where these trainers go on their days off.

Hong Kongers love to workout, and there’s no shortage of incredible classes to choose from. But sometimes it can be overwhelming to keep up with all the latest classes and workouts, that’s why we turned to the professionals. Read on to find out where Hong Kong’s favourite personal trainers train, and how they stay in tip-top shape all year long.

Sandy Sydney

Sandy has been a fitness instructor for 23 years. He first discovered a love for fitness as a teenager, when he started hitting the gym to improve his rugby game. “It got to the point where you couldn’t get me out of the gym!” he remembers “I never thought it would become a career, I just did what I loved to do.” Currently he’s working as a freelance trainer, but you may recognise him from Zumba, body pump, combat, yoga and spin classes around town. “My main focus is to help my clients understand that health and fitness is a way of way of life.” His favourite class right now is Crossfit, and he says it’s where he spends most of his training time too. “I’m constantly challenged and there’s always a new skill I need to work on. The community is great and I like the competitiveness, but I’m just competing against myself – to move faster, lift heavier and be better than the day before. Everyday.”

Follow Sandy online at @SandySydney_hom

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Jessamy Wooley

Jessamy has been a full-time fitness instructor since 2015, when she first moved to Hong Kong. Before that, she was balancing a corporate career and part-time instructor job in London. She first fell in love with spinning when she lived in New York, “It was my excersie, my escape, my therapy!” She loved it so much, she turned it into a career. Today you can find her motivating people at XYZ, Hong Kong’s favourite spin studio. “We have a range of classes, including fast-paced ones to heavier resistance classes, and we’ve just introduced a new class called BREATHE, which is slower and candle lit.” When she’s not in the spin studio, you can find her at Kita yoga, H Kore and AbsFocus classes. “I love Kita yoga’s classes, because it’s so complimentary to what I do daily at XYZ, helping me stretch and strengthen.” She tries to go every weekend, because she loves the intimate studio, zen vibe and passionate instructors.

Follow Jessamy online at @Jessamy.s

Stephanie Cuvelier

“Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been into playing sport. I could never sit down at a desk job and be happy,” says Stephanie Cuvelier, a private instructor in Hong Kong. “The more I learned about the body, the more I realised there was so much more to learn.” After years of honing techniques on herself, she now loves sharing her knowledge and experience with clients. Her first priority is always to lay the foundation with her clients, helping them understand their own bodies and what types of training works best. “Education is a huge part of what I do, so when I teach, you’ll probably get sick of hearing my voice! Safety and correct technique will always come first, progressions come second.” Right now she works out of Calibrate Studio in Lan Kwai Fong, teaching strength, mobility, HITT classes, pre and post-natal strength classes and private training sessions. She loves Lucy’s hot vinyasa classes at Pure Yoga, because they’re physically and mentally challenging. “It’s always so humbling when you’re able to acknowledge where you are struggling, and that it is okay to struggle during the hard times!”

Follow Stephanie online at @StephCuvelier

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