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This March, Lan Kwai Fong, will be transformed into a focal point for art and food lovers during the HK Art Month. A diverse variety of 12 premium restaurants will be dishing out unique and innovative art-inspired menus, with the theme of "Colour of Ingredients", complemented with a series of art exhibitions and vivid events exclusively in Lan Kwai Fong.


Where to find edible art in March | Hong Kong
Hong Kong, as a financial hub in Asia, I’ve sometimes felt a bit pissed off when everyone is talking about money things, however, I’ve felt it’s not the truth since I’ve frequently visited my friend’s gallery and have discovered more and more impressive street arts just around the corner in Central and Wanchai. Coming to March,

I’ve been feeling more excited because there is a bucket list of art events in town throughout the whole month, lead by Art Basel and Art Central, and even more others. Hong Kong is telling me, she’s got more characters. Hongkongers, no matter locals or expats, they all treat their free mind, spirits and creativities as one of their most treasure!

What’s more exciting to food-lovers like me is, Lan Kwai Fong Group, together with 12 trendy restaurants and chefs in Lan Kwai Fong area, kicks off Savouring Art 2017 from 1 March by offering 12 artistic tasting menus, which are only open for booking on Hong Kong’s first tasting menu platform, FeedMe Guru. Monday night, we went to JinJuu, the modern restaurant with a twist of Korean-European cuisine at the foot of California Tower for Chef. Sang Hyun Ko’s tasting menu.

Jinjuu offers a 4-course tasting menu from starter to dessert. Starting from Damian Hirst’s Dots, which is a tray of 9 different edible dots made with seared scallops,  cauliflower puree, beetroot puree, soy marinated leek, cauliflower cous cous (cake), frisse salad and crispy bacon cake. The chef’s idea is to echo artist, Hirst’s workpiece, while leaving as more space as possible to the guest who can mix and draw his own piece of painting.

The second creation, Namsan Tower, is an architecture showcase to mimic Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower). Grilled Korean Hanwoo beef is a killer for beef-lover while I also found the cute potato tasted extremely sweet to my heart. Roasted Halibut is a greasy killer but is also the only dish without an art background. The roasted halibut tasted so soft and creamy and you could feel the richness from the fat and oil.

The last course is the most touching point, Thank You X, which is also the name of the artist. The LA-based artist got the name out from 2009 and also was in Art Basel Miami 2016. The dessert inspired this artist’s street art works had a surprisingly garden and girly look which were all freshmade from Jinjuu’s kitchen. And don’t miss the blackboard of the writings, it’s made with black sesame, so edible again!

Overall, it’s a quite heavy tasting menu which filled me up by the richness from those “greasy” meat and fish, kimchi and other Korean inspired sauces, and of course, I didn’t forget to treat myself well with an extra order of their signature cocktail, Spiced Kimchi Mary. The cocktail was so playful with a drink-and-snack format which reminds me those street drinks with a topped up cup of fried chicken or squid. I really love the special flavor where chili sauce crashed into creamy tomato juice, salty and kimchi-spicy, and this impressive and different flavor won’t make you forget it.This is not my first time to be in Jinjuu, which actually I’ve visited them when they were newly open.

I was happy to know that they still keep their weekend live DJ (starting from Friday) during dinner time, and what I found more is they are offering a very attractive Happy Hour deal with a price not more than $55, even including the signature cocktails, even from 6pm all the way till 9pm, and even Monday to Sunday – no rest!!! I’m definitely planning to go back again for this deal. P.S. I’m not an alcoholic, but just love good deals.

Special thank to Lan Kwai Fong Group and Feedme Guru to arrange this nice dinner night for me, and I’m so happy to spread the good words and to support this art-encouraging campaign. If you are interested in this campaign or you want to know what other 11 restaurants are offering in this month, click here for more information or book directly here with all tasting menus and prices. OHHH, and don’t forget to use this code “gustobeats” to enjoy $50 off on your booking, and this code is valid for any tasting menu’s booking on FeedMe Guru until 30 June. 

If you were like me, love taking food photos and love Instagram, remember to input hashtag #(restaurant name)#LKFSavouringArt like me, you might be the lucky one to wine an 9.7 inch iPad Pro with Apple Pencil (more about this, stick to LKF’s Facebook Page)!

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