The Coolest Calligraphy Artist You Need to Know

MAMI comes to Hong Kong for the first time, debuting her works and offering live performances you don’t want to miss.

Lan Kwai Fong has been hosting Savouring Art for the last four years, and it’s already become one of the most popular parts of Hong Kong’s art month. But this year is the best one yet, because we’re bringing you more than just delicious art-inspired dishes. We’re bringing you immersive art and dining experiences that you can’t find anywhere else, like a live performance by MAMI.

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MAMI is the most exciting thing to happen to calligraphy since the paintbrush. Born in Kagoshima, Japan, MAMI began studying her craft at just six years old. Today, she’s known around the world for creating her own form of calligraphy (she might even be the first person to do so in over 1000 years!) As you can see from her videos, she effortlessly blends Japanese tradition with her own modern flair, bringing the ancient art into the modern world.

Japanese calligraphy dates back as far as the sixth century, and there are multiple forms of writing it. One of them, ‘shodo’, is a particularly artful way of expressing the characters. MAMI blends this beautiful 'shodo' style with graffiti, and the results are mesmerising. She calls it ‘Calligraf2ity’, and there’s no one else in the world who can do it. As you watch her performances, you can see both the delicate grace and control of ‘shodo’, and the playful strength of graffiti.

mami calligraphy lan kwai fong savouring art
Within traditional ‘shodo’, the paintbrush has precise movements. But watch MAMI as she creates, and you’ll see her flick the brush, even smash it into the canvas, creating chaotic and expressive works that Jackson Pollock would be proud of. Beautiful and strong, her methods are like those of a dancer, with her whole body moving and twisting with the motion of the brush.


MAMI will be debuting in Hong Kong for the first time ever this month. Join her on 22 March at 7:30 as she kicks off Lan Kawi Fong’s Savouring Art 2019 with a hypnotising live performance. Then check out her exhibition at Loft22 in California Tower to see the rest of her exciting art.

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For the full Savouring Art 2019 experience, stop by one of our 10 partner restaurants: Beef & Liberty, CÉ LA VI, Ciao Chow, FUMI, Ignis, Kyoto Joe, Los Sotano, Porterhouse, Redhouse and Tokio Joe. If you spend over HK$1,000 (between now and 22 March), you’ll receive two tickets to MAMI’s live performance. But spaces are limited, so book your reservations early so you don’t miss out.
MAMI’s debut exhibition will be held 21 – 25 March at LOFT22 – California Tower (11 AM to 9 PM), with the live performance on 22 March 2019 at LOFT22 – California Tower.
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