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At times, art may seem pretentious but from the way CÉ LA VI looks at it, this expression of creativity is for everyone. That’s one of the reasons why they have collaborated with artist Justin Y on an exhibition which connects nature and history in the present. Beginning an intimate conversation between the artist and the viewer, ‘Moon over Paradise’ is a phenomenal and inspiring collection that’s worth seeing.

This world is but a canvas to our imagination and Justin Y has made this very fact his main source of inspiration. During a recent trip to Sarajevo, it was a glimpse of the moon that sparked this beautiful series of artworks that are now being displayed at CÉ LA VI. For the project, Justin traveled through Europe and Japan, and found his vision somewhere between the war-torn buildings and the Mediterranean sea.

justin y living gallery ce la vi artwork
As the ruler of our emotions, we can’t be surprised that it was the moon that whispered sweet insight into his ear. Whether it was the rising or setting of the moon, whenever he could, he would find his way into the open sky, taking in the moon’s brilliance. Now that he has finalized his collection and the fruits of his labour are on display, we’ll finally get the chance to experience these scenes through his unique technique and use of colours. 
Justin has made quite a name for himself within the art world. Over the years, he’s had the opportunity to work with Bentley Hong Kong, Penhaligon’s, Sony Ericsson and Hysan Lee Garden on special collaborations. Besides his endless projects with the crème de la crème of modern businesses, he also counts HSBC and The Langham Hotel amongst his collectors.

justin y living gallery ce la vi artwork
To celebrate this special occasion, CÉ LA VI is hosting a mid-show cocktail event on 31 January. Move around the artist as he works on some of his latest creations and take in the collection over a cocktail or two. The exhibition will feature 13 artworks throughout several floors, all of which are for sale. Whether you’re an art-lover or feel the need to reflect, experience these vibrant cultures and the artist’s sense of hope. 
The ‘Moon over Paradise’ exhibition will be held from 9 January till 9 February 2018.
25/F California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Central; +852 3700 2300
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