MobiJuce: Charge Your Phone On-The-Go in LKF

You’re having a great time—but then your phone dies. If there aren’t any pictures and there’s nothing on Instagram, did it even happen? How are you going to get in touch with tonight’s hot date? No matter, how hard you try to carry a portable charger with you (let alone make sure it’s always charged), your phone still ends up dying. Enter, MobiJuce: a new charging service, which provides JuceBoxes stocked with JucePac power banks in over 100 locations all around Hong Kong, including its first in LKF’s California Tower.
As one of MobiJuce’s official partners, Lan Kwai Fong is the first to launch this service at California Tower with another JuceBox to open in the lobby of 1 Lan Kwai Fong in mid-November. MobiJuce plan to expand to 1,000 locations by early 2018.

mobijuce lkf phone service  
The first app-based Apple-certified power bank rental service to have locations all over the city, including restaurants, shopping malls and cafes, MobiJuce will make sure you always stay connected.

mobijuce lkf phone service

Simply download the app and look for the nearest JuceBox location, scan the QR code, take a fully-charged JucePac power bank and charge on-the-go for HK$2 per 30 minutes, capped at HK$20 per day. Once you’re done, you simply need to look for the closest JuceBox location on the app to return it—you don’t even have to go back to the same place.

mobijuce lkf phone service
Forgot to return your JucePac? After three days, you can keep the JucePac for yourself for HK$129.
Try it next time you’re in Central.
California Tower
30-32 D’Aguilar Street, LKF
+852 2453 7950

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