You asked, and we answered. Lan Kwai Fong is happy to introduce our very own Lan Kwai Fong Spotify Official Playlist. Each month, we'll be speaking with DJs and KOLs about music and their top playlists. To kick it off, we're talking to DJ Roy C. Malig.


There's never a shortage of new DJs in Hong Kong (check out our top five DJs to watch here), but there's no comparing the latest models to the classics. Whether its cars, watches or movies – the original is always the best. And on the DJ scene, the original is DJ Roy C. Malig, aka ViBAHolics aka The Godfather of the Hong Kong club and music scene. He's supported international DJs like Ian Wilkie, Tom Middleton and Frankie Knuckles, and even celebrities. DJ Roy C. Malig has warmed up for everyone from James Brown and Shaggy to Katy Perry, Jesse J and even Rihanna.

DJ roy for LKF playlist
His eclectic music style is one of the many things that set this titan of tunes apart from the competition. He'll switch up genres and tracks depending on his mood and the energy of the crowd. One of his sets could move from Soul, Funk & Disco then dip into House & Electronica then back down do retro classics from the 60s and 70s, and then kick it old school with some classic 90s anthems. His encyclopaedic knowledge of music lets him create diverse music journeys that can control the mood of any room.

He also founded H.K Vinyland, a Facebook blog that sells records to DJs, collectors and enthusiasts, and has a bi-monthly radio show called “ViBAHolics with Roy” at Fauve Radio. To see the master in action, you can check him out at some of the city's best clubs, bars and restaurants, like Cé La Vi, The Music Room, MO Bar, Dr. Fern's and others as guests appearances.

How did you start DJing, was there a first record that inspired you?
There was no first vinyl, it just so happened that I had plenty of vinyls at home from my parents and brothers. It started off just for fun, at home or at friend's parties.

What is the rarest record in your collection?
All of the original Beatles LPs and 7”, all first edition.

Is there a specific music genre you love?
I've always been into soul, funk, disco, jazz and quality house music.

What's some of your favourite new stuff to listen to now?
There are too many to mention, but DJ Spen and Quantize Recordings, Razor-N-Tape, Little Louie Vega, Candi Station's “Hallelujah Anyway” to name a few. They're just accessible for my sets.

Where are your favourite places in Lan Kwai Fong?
Cé La Vi and Tazmania Ballroom

Where can find you spinning around Lan Kwai Fong?
Either at Cé La Vi or Dr. Ferns.

What are your top 30 songs we need to listen to now?
check out DJ Roy C. Malig's playlist on Spotify)

1. “Cantaloop (Flip Out)” by The Manhattan Transfer
2. “Like Sugar” by Chaka Khan
3. “Hallelujah Anyway” (Director's Cut Soul Priase) by Candi Station
4. “Angel” by Aretha Franklin
5. “That Feeling” by Cornell CC Carter
6. “Take a Left” (North Street remix) by Josef Malik
7. “Groove Sequence” (Ashley Beedle's North St. remix) by Blazers
8. “Latin Lover” (Specter Edit) by Joe Bataan
9. “I Want You” (Reelsoul remix) by Sheldon So Goode
10. “My Forbidden Lover” (Dimitri From Paris remix) by Chic
11. “I Like What You Do To Me” by Bobby Boyd

12. “Believe” (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini remix) by David Morales
13. “Lait de Coco” by Maya
14. “The Message” by Gyedu-Blay Ambolley
15. “Distant Lover” (Terry Hunter Distant Club Mix) by Tenisa Griffin
16. “Touch” by Kaidi Tatham
17. “Corazon” by Admin
18. “House of Blues” (Club version) by Don Carlos
19. “Love x Love” (DJ Fudge remix) by George Benson
20. “'I've Been Saved by Your Love” by Paul Cacia Band
21. “This Isn't Love” (Reel People remix) by Tony Momrelle

22. “Verbana” (Original mix) by Cantoma
23. “Queen of my Universe” by Infinity
24. “Skate Dancer” (Dr. Packer remix) by Doug Willis
25. “Shy” by Tuxedo with Zapp
26. “Calling Out” by Sophie Lloyd ft. Dames Brown
27. “Old School” by Stefano Ranieri ft. Scorzayzee
28. “Wonderful” by Aretha Franklin
29. “Groovin' You” (Joey Negro's Mason Revenge Mix) by Harvey Manson
30. “Got Me Thinking” by Nathan Haines

(check out DJ Roy C. Malig's playlist on Spotify)

This interview has been edited for length and clarity. All photos and songs are the rights of their respective owners.