There’s not a person in this world who doesn’t look good in denim. Besides being versatile and genderless, it is one of those (very few) staple pieces that never goes out of style. Although it may be the first thing you grab on a day off, denim can be way more daring than just a casual look. This summer, trade your skinny jeans in for a denim get-up that turns heads wherever you go.
Ruffle Mania
Bringing lace, denim and Chinese traditional elements to the runway, Gucci has created a masterpiece we can’t wait to wear. For a twist to the classic, this dress (HK$21,900) is the ultimate way to combine this season’s trends with a pinch of local culture.
Princess Sparkle
princess sparkle
Who doesn’t love a little sparkle? Although denim and crystals are a thing of the Nineties, times surely have changed. This Miu Miu skirt (HK$15,900) combines everything we love about fashion, with plenty of tartan, denim and shine to make a statement.
Wrapped Up
Denim skirts are a must-have for summer but this year, they have to stand out. Wrap yourself in a Sandra Liang denim skirt (HK$4,270) for a unique day-to-night look. Whether you style it with an oversized t-shirt or a eye-catching top, it’s the ideal piece for any occasion.
Seventies Flair
seventies flair
We spotted denim on nearly every catwalk but dungarees stole the show. They are bold in colour and design, offering vibrant hues and fitted silhouettes. With this red number from Topshop (HK$619), there’s no doubt you’ll create an off-duty ensemble that stands out.
Glory of Studs
glory of studs
When it comes to sandals, they’ve never been more stylish than now. We’ve seen them knee-high and with leather laces but none of them are quite as eye-catching as these Alexander Wang (HK$2,160) slip ons — perfected with denim studs.
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