At the start of June, something seismic happened in the Asian music scene. There was an inaugural conference on the future of the industry across the continent held over in Macau. It may not seem like a pioneering notion: a collection of music industry leaders getting together to discuss forging partnerships and improving the Asian music scene, but do not be fooled. The Asia Music Conference is indeed pioneering as there hasn’t been anything like it before in this part of the world. Its mission is Asian domination when it comes to the music industry and the first step has just been taken.

TAMC was held over three days in Macau, encompassing a formal networking cocktail session, a series of seminars and then an epic pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in the City of Dreams resort. It was the introduction, followed by the discussion and ending with the celebration. The mission of TAMC is to ‘assemble electronic music’s most legendary and innovative artists and professionals from across the globe to demonstrate the huge potential of EDM throughout Asia’. The focus is on EDM, for sure, but actually TAMC could cover all musical bases in the future. It’s about opening up a dialogue and getting all parties, in countries from Thailand to Japan, who are involved in the music industry to work together. It’s about moulding the music scene in Asia.

A raft of artists and professionals from across the globe visited what was dubbed ‘the hub’ of the Asian entertainment industry in Macau. During the seminars, the professionals listened to a raft of one-on-one interviews with key figures and also joined in group discussions covering a wide variety of industry subjects.

Moderators included Alan James Jewell, executive director of Big Events and also a member of the Lan Kwai Fong Group, and superstar Hong Kong-based DJ Ricky Stone, who helped organise TAMC. Key speakers included Dr Allan Zeman, chairman of the LKF Group, and Martin Carvell, managing director of DJ Magazine from the UK. Owner of Hong Kong’s dragon-i club and the Tazmania Ballroom, Gilbert Yeung, also spoke at a seminar. Clubs, music promotions, China’s music initiatives and live music festivals were all on the agenda. DJ and co-organiser Ricky Stone says: “There were some great discussions at the seminars and it was really interesting to hear the views of our panel experts.”

So, the seeds have been sown with the first TAMC but what’s next? Basically, next year, TAMC is putting together an exhibition for those in the music industry to showcase their company’s services and products in Asia. The exhibition is being planned at ‘one of Macau’s mega resorts’ and it’s hoped that plenty of ‘fun, inspiring, engaging and visual’ booths will be filled by exhibitors. Anyone who wants to get involved should contact the [email protected] email address for more information. Ricky Stone says: “We are very happy with the response post-TAMC and are looking forward to the next installments. We are speaking to several potential new partners in other regions of Asia at present for 2017.” Look forward to next year’s exhibition as you also look forward to a stronger Asian music industry as TMAC develops and takes our side of the music world forward.