Hong Kong is a global wildlife trafficking hub. Every form of wildlife from live reptiles and birds to ivory, rhino horn and pangolin scale are trafficked through our city.

A Members Bill is currently being considered by the government that will substantially change this, providing greater investigative powers to crack down on these crimes.

The bill will enable wildlife crime to be treated as the serious and organised crime that it is.

Such a heavy and un-sexy topic needs a new approach to engage with the public. This is where A.L.A.N (Artists Who Love Animals and Nature) comes in – using Augmented Reality Street Murals and aim to use Art to engage the public in a topic that is often not in the foreground. This use of fun engaging and Instagram filters will enable us to make some noise. Coupled together with online video campaigns and garner support.

Raise public support for the Members Bill to step up the fight against the illegal wildlife trade, by incorporating wildlife crime offences into Hong Kong’s Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance (OSCO).  This will facilitate criminal investigations of the syndicates behind the crimes rather than the carriers caught “red handed”.

To support this meaningful campaign, mural & illustration artist Neil Wang will transform 3 walls within LKF area to Break the Chain Interactive Art wall. Come check out the walls, bring your IG filter and spread the idea of protecting wildlife. This will break the chain.

Break the Chain official site: https://breakthechain.link