Although it doesn’t feel like it, the official summer season is almost over. That means there are just a few more long sunny weekends of junkboats left (though we’ll be on the beach well into November). To make sure you end your summer with a bang, we spoke to Beef & Liberty Managing Director and Co-Founder Will Bray about making the perfect summer playlist.
beef and liberty summer playlist lkf
If you’ve been to Beef & Liberty you know their tunes are as good as their burgers – and that’s why we love them so much! For Bray, music is essential in crafting the perfect atmosphere in a restaurant or even a junk boat. “And not only the selection of music but also the programming of the tempo,” he explains, “to fit day parts and the volume and quality of the music.” Beef & Liberty don’t change their playlist to fit the season, rather they go for great songs that work all year long. “We update it when we hear something new we like and want to share it with our guests.” Beyond that? Bray recommends doing as Beef & Liberty does and keeping your playlist eclectic. “We want at least one track per sitting to get their toes tapping”, says Bray, and that means playing a mix from different backgrounds and genres.

beef and liberty summer playlist lkf
If you’re ready to throw the best junkboat party (or barbeque, or beach day, or whatever!) with the coolest music, check out this exclusive playlist Bray made just for

Here Comes Trouble (Chronixx)
Vitals (Coldcut) Freedom (Richie Havens)
Bad Company (Feel Like Making Love)
Pray for Rain (Massive Attack)
Children’s Story (Slick Rick)
Statik (Jeru the Damaja)
Holy Man (Blind Melon)
Leading Me Now (The Tallest Man on Earth)
Cypress Grove (Kelly Joe Phelps)

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