We spoke with one of the most dashing barmen in the city, Luca Sergi. You may recognize this bearded Sardinian from Buenos Aires Polo Club, where he helped craft their cocktail menu, but these days you can find him at Hugger Mugger.

Hugger Mugger is a British speakeasy saloon serving up cocktails inspired by British cultural legends, like Pink Floyd, William Shakespeare and Ian Flemming. Design-wise, it’s understated, but the drinks certainly are not – thanks to bar manager Sergi.

Luca Sergi bar star lan kwai fong hugger mugger
Before moving to Hong Kong, Luca grew up in Sardinia, a pristine island off of Italy’s western coast, with crystal clear waters, snow white sand and rugged mountains. It was where he pursued of art and design, embracing the beauty in the world around him. He soon channelled this passion into his mixology, moving to Florence to begin his career, and has since spent time in Asia and Europe, only recently returning to Hong Kong to work at Hugger Mugger.

Find out more about the city’s most well-dressed bar tender here, and make sure to visit him at Hugger Mugger one night soon.

What inspired you to get behind the bar?
Growing up in Italy, I was always exposed to lots of exciting and fun drinking spots. Being able to visit lots of bars growing up galvanized me to pursue a career in bartending. I love the social aspect of it and the creative element of producing unique and tasty drinks.
Luca Sergi bar star lan kwai fong hugger mugger
How did you get involved with Pirata Group?
I have been friends with Manuel for three years now. He approached me with a concept and we both agreed that we shared the same values to embark on an exciting project together.
Is this why you came back to Hong Kong?
Absolutely, but I wanted to come back and gain more experience in Asia, as there is nowhere else like it in the world.
What is your favourite part of working behind the bar?
I love the social aspect; I love making people happy and helping them to have a great, fun night out. Creating new concoctions is also very entertaining.

Every bartender has their own style – how would you describe yours?
Authentic – I stay true to my Italian roots, sexy, charming…the list goes on!
Luca Sergi bar star lan kwai fong hugger mugger
You’re a very sharp dresser, do you think it’s important to dress well?
I think it’s really important that people take pride in their appearance – it helps confidence wise. It’s important to try to be your best all round.
Is there a philosophy behind the cocktail menu at Hugger Mugger?
We use a lot of gin and whiskey in the cocktails to stay true to the Brits.
What’s your go-to cocktail to drink?
A vesper martini.
Where can we find you on your nights off?
I don’t particularly have a favourite – I love exploring new places. That’s the beauty of Hong Kong: it’s always changing.
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Hugger Mugger
52-60 Wyndham Street, Central; +852 2362 8988

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