Experience the Art of Whole Tuna Sushi at Fumi

You don’t need to go to the Tsukiji Market to get a whole tuna experience

Forget dinner and a movie, come to FUMI instead for dinner and a show. One of our favourite Japanese restaurants in town is sticking to their mission of educating diners on Japanese cuisine, by offering an incredible tuna cutting ceremony every Thursday.

whole tuna cutting ceremony fumi hong kong sushi
Each week the restaurant will import a 50kg Bluefin Tuna from Kyushu, Japan for their team of veteran sushi chefs to transform into delicious dishes. The fish are sustainably raised and harvested, and this provides a rare opportunity to see one of the most mesmerising Japanese culinary arts in action, as the chefs demonstrate their expert cutting techniques.

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There are four a la carte dishes available, including a tuna noten sushi roll, tuna sashimi platter (with toro, chu toro and maguro), grilled tuna’s fin and a tuna sushi platter (with toro, chu toro and maguro), but to be honest – we’re can’t wait to try the full tasting menu!

whole tuna cutting ceremony fumi hong kong sushi
To truly savour the authentic Japanese experience, the FUMI sushi chefs have prepared a seven-course tasting menu that you need to try. It includes a host of mouth-watering dishes, like a sashimi platter, tuna carpaccio salad, tuna red meat Gillette and a gorgeous chopped tuna sashimi don with scallion.

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We love that this new initiative is spreading awareness of Japanese butchery techniques, while introducing guests to lesser-known cuts of tuna. In a world where food-waste and over-fishing run rampant, this is a great example of using every piece of the animal.

whole tuna cutting ceremony fumi hong kong sushi
You will get to watch the chefs slice the whole fish, so if you’re on the squeamish side, some sake will help to calm the nerves. The restaurant offers a Raifuku Sake Tasting just before the tuna ceremony, around 7:00pm.

The Fumi Tuna Cutting Ceremony happens every Thursday evening at 7:15pm and reservations are definitely needed as space is limited.

6/F California Tower, 30-32 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong; +852 2328 3302

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