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Hong Kong’s Art Month is officially happening again, with a series of world-class art events taking place, Art Basel and Art Central scheduled to return at the end of May, the city is yet again to be enchanted with innovative creations. To celebrate the return, Executive Chef Vecchio Angelo, Aria Italian, creates an Art Menu that pays homage to the greatest artists of modern history. 

This limited-time offer is available from 27 – 29 May 2022, with a four-course menu inspired by some of the chef’s favourite artists, from Robert Delaunay’s rhythmic geometry to Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic The Starry Night, to Jackson Pollock’s groundbreaking gestural paint drips on canvas, and Piet Mondrian’s pure abstraction of color. In the creation of this Art Menu, Executive Chef Vecchio Angelo dove thoroughly into the history behind each painting, with careful consideration for replicating the colors used in the original works through high quality ingredients.  

Aria’s Executive Chef Vecchio Angelo shares “As an Italian, we are proud that our country has been the cradle of many artistic names. I have the honor of being able to associate food with art thanks to the Italian artist Filippo Tommaso Marinetti, who in 1909 formed the avant-garde Futurist movement, which has been an inspiration for many people to come. Now I only pay tribute to what our ancestors invented a century ago, reproducing a gorgeous piece of art into something that you cannot just look at, but also eat and taste, making the dream not only visible to your eyes, but tangible in your mouth.”  

“Starter by Robert Delaunay”

“Starter by Robert Delaunay” is an appetizer inspired by the French artist’s 1934 artwork Endless Rhythm, it mirrors the alternating hemispheres of the Orphism Movement with cucumber, mozzarella, bell pepper, pickled pumpkin and portobello mushrooms.  

Wine pairing: Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis 2019 

“Risotto by Vincent Van Gogh”

“Risotto by Vincent Van Gogh” is a vibrant echo of the Dutch artist’s 1889 masterpiece, The Starry Night. Chef Vecchio has captured the striking blue hue of the celebrated painting using butterfly pea with risotto, topped off with white and green asparagus, mussels, and lemon to achieve brightness in color and flavor. 

Wine Pairing: Feudi di San Gregorio Greco di Tufo 2018

“Pigeon by Jackson Pollock”

Pigeon by Jackson Pollock references one of the American artist’s most famous paintings, Convergence,1952. This dish is also an exercise in experimenting with depth across flavors and presentation for Chef Vecchio. The star of the plate is the pigeon cooked two ways: the breast in vibrant pink, and its leg a crispy fried lollipop.  

Wine Pairing:  Les Crêtes “La Tour” Syrah 2018 

“Sweet  by  Piet  Mondrian”

Finally, “Sweet  by Piet  Mondrian” recalls the extreme purity of color by the father of color abstraction himself, directly referencing the 1921 painting Tableau I. In parallel, under Chef Vecchio’s chef’s knife, the dessert composition features a precisely sliced medley of house-made cakes and pastries — all made up of the primary dessert trifecta of fruit, chocolate and “art”. 

Wine Pairing: Cantina Gilli Malvasia di Castelnuovo Don Bosco 2020 

Art Menu: From HK$1,580* per person (4 Courses) 
Wine Pairing: Supplement Charge HK$500* per person (4 Glasses) 

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