Essence of Acme
Located in the heart of Central, Acme by Linx strives to redefine the nightlife scene in the city that never sleeps by consistently featuring the hottest names in the industry and continuously pushing the boundaries, leading Hong Kong to the forefront of the global clubbing culture. Conceptualizing events as an indoor festival series, Acme offers a unique, multi-sensory and a high octane clubbing experience for music enthusiasts.

The Space
Designed as a narrative immersive experience: an artificial world isolated from the exterior, creating a space that is totally detached from the everyday. Ultimately, the number one priority is the experience, the story, and the narrative: the sensory immersion. Spanning across two storeys, Acme is decked out in a futuristic décor with an industrial touch that is raw and ready to be explored. The geometric shapes that have been subsequently designed are further applied as a consistent theme for every corner of the interior, resulting in a futuristic design that resembles that of a spacecraft. The environment with its lighting and state-of-the art sound system will keep you enthralled, creating an immersive and multi-sensory experience.  

The Experience
A striking combination of immersive sight and sound. It’s not a night out; it’s an experience. Acme offers a premium and unique nightlife experience that deftly balances innovative VIP features with bold accessibility. With a DJ console built on a electrically operated winch system circled by plush VIP seating pods in the main area, the interior blends effortlessly with the balcony level upstairs with a crow’s nest view of the whole club.
The spaceship-looking light structure suspended above the dance floor dominates the space, creating a dynamic visual solution. A multifaceted LED production so massive it could only be housed in stadium and arena settings, this multidimensional creation is bigger and more complex than what most anticipated. With shifting, intricate LED facets, compromising of over 4.5 million LED virtual pixels creating an immersive light experience. Synchronize to the beat of the music, engulfing clubbers inside the largest interactive lighting configuration ever seen in any dance clubs in Hong Kong.
With a state-of-the-art sound system, Acme focuses on EDM showcasing a stellar lineup of guest DJs from DJ Mag Top 100 and a list of rotating residents from all over the world, Acme by Linx delivers a memorable auditory and visual experience that sets new standards for nightclubs in Hong Kong.
1 & 2/F Silver Fortune Plaza, 1 Wellington Street, Central; +852 2338 5168
[email protected]
Facebook: acme.hongkong

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