Whether you love wine already or are ready to learn more, Toasst is for you

Calling all oenophiles! A new company has just opened that is going to change the way you drink wine forever. To be blunt, wine is intimidating. When most people think of the wine world, they imagine dense and unintelligible menus, hefty price tags and snobs swiveling their glasses. Today, Amy Powell and Christina Lau Tam are out to fix that misconception.

“There are wines that command lofty prices and anyone who has visited a tasting room in Napa can attest to the luxury industry that has sprung up in some wine regions. However, most winemakers are simply farmers and craftsmen. It is their passion and legacy and for most, nothing would make them happier than having their wines be discovered by new audiences around the world,” say the two founders.

And that’s exactly what they’re setting out to do, with their newly-launched company Toasst. Toasst is wine delivery service that combines the convenience of online deliveries with the expertise of a top sommelier. Each month will bring you a new set of six hand-picked wines from talented yet little-known producers.

After years of recommending wines to their friends, Powell and Lau Tam decided there must be an easier way to help busy people drink better wine. If you think you have to go to an expensive restaurant or posh wine shop to find a nice bottle, think again. All you need is a Toasst membership. With that, you’ll get access to exciting wines from around the world, many of which you can’t find in traditional retail shops, and each comes with a tasting guide so you can gain a deeper understand with every sip. It’s like having a sommelier in your home, without the small talk.

The way it works is simple: join the club at toast.co, decide if you want monthly or quarterly delivery, and choose your makeup (mixed, all reds or all whites). Then sit back and wait. Your unique order will be brought straight to your door in no time.

Though wine delivery is a simple concept, Powell and Lau Tam have elevated with their own personal touches. You don’t just get a few random bottles. All six bottles are selected just for you and come with tasting notes and background information. “We continue to be amazed by the ability of wine to transport us through its geography, history and culture with one sip,” say the founders – and they’re passionate about making these stories accessible. 

Ready to drink better wine? Check out www.toasst.co!