Whether it’s to wake you up or give you a few moments of respite in a busy day, nothing beats a good cuppa java.

Fuel Espresso

Coffee is life. Every year we read up on new reports on how – within moderation – coffee can be beneficial to your health; from helping with pain relief to lowering Type 2 diabetes (go easy on the sugar!), benefits to memory, lower risk of Alzeheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to improving cognitive abilities and physical performance (a quick cup of coffee before working out every morning is recommended by many). The benefits have been documented by several credible news and medical outlets and we love to feature article about coffee as… well, clearly, we are all fans! So, go forth guilt-free on your second cup as we bean-pick our favourite baristas.

PS: It’s an all new list since last year’s feature: The Five Best Places to Get Your Caffeine Fix

Here are our Top 5 life-affirming places to try in Central, Hong Kong for your morning Joe.

Fuel Espresso

Mononymously known simply as ‘fuel’, we’ve seen more business wheeling and dealing at the basement of Landmark than we have in board rooms as the popular hot spot in the mall has some of the best coffee in town. Nay, the world, the comprehensive menu features delights from all the caffeine-bearing countries. It’s not just the slightly dear coffee and elegant cutlery that people come for, but the atmosphere, the jazz and the richest chocolate cake slices available for good measure.

Fuel Espresso
Shop B47A, B/F, The Landmark, 15 Queen’s Road Central, Central
3/F IFC Mall, 1 Harbour View St, Central
G/F Lobby, Charter House, Central


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Elephant Grounds

It’s hard to miss on Caine Road, but the bright orange hot spot Elephant Grounds is not just heavy on hipster trend, it also has some of the best coffee in town. Locally sourced ingredients are included but travel the coffee world via Brazilian, Sumatran or Jamaican java. Not just coffee we also swear by their grilled cheese sandwich (dipped into their tomato soup). So simple, so scrumptious. You’ll find many regulars there, the creatives, the script-writers, the enterprising and the yogis. All democratic in their love for hot coffee.

Elephant Grounds
Mid-Levels, 61 Caine Road, Mid-Levels, Central, +852 2535 7155

Hazel & Hershey

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It isn’t just a coffee pit-stop, there’s so much coffee related paraphernalia, training for baristas (talk to the team to find out more), talks and presentations (there’s a schedule you can read up on), it’s coffee cacophony at the wildly popular joint which every coffee connoisseur seems to know about. Mute all that and take a seat and enjoy the finest black coffee we’ve ever tried in the 852. They have a brilliant selection and you’ll be spoil for choice. Is it worth the climb on that slope on Peel Street? Yes. It is.

Hazel & Hershey
Shop 3, 69 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong, +852 3106 0760

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Amber Coffee Brewery

Dawn Chan is a two-time Hong Kong Barista Champion (placed fourth in the World Barista Championship!) who has his own little coveted cafe. If you didn’t know there was such a competition, this might be news to you but for serious coffee drinkers, Chan is a maestro who opened this stellar coffee bar where fans hover and mull over existential conundrums. Chan’s signature offerings change often so ask for recommendations as we don’t have the know-how or the sophisticated palette of differentiating between Kiamabara AA #161 from Nkara from Dukunde Kawa Musasa from Rwanda! Here’s what we can tell you, it’s here, it’s hot, it’s strong and we love it.

Amber Coffee Brewery
G/F, Full View Building, No.142 Des Voeux Road Central, +852 3106 0872

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Blend & Grind

Founded by former athlete, rugby star Jonny Rees, his passion for a healthy diet through blended smoothies, served at sports, business and charity events led him to launch Blend & Grind, a trendy specialty coffee and smoothie bar. The coffee is spectacular – roasted by Redback in Diamond Hill, and you can pick your espressos from espressos from Columbia, Brazil, Ethiopia or Sumatra. There are other branches dotted around Hong Kong island but our favourite spot is by the escalator on Prices Terrace. Also helps there are often puppies around as its a dog-friendly and joyous place.

Blend & Grind
Shop A2, 1 Princes Terrace, Central, Mid-Levels, +852 2887 3272

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