Find out the most auspicious cocktails for your zodiac sign

Last week, we told you all the best drinks for clever Rats, hard-working Oxen, noble Tigers, gentle Rabbits, bold Dragons and wise Snakes. This week, we’re finishing up the zodiac by looking at the luckiest colours for Horses, Goats, Monkeys, Roosters, Dogs and Pigs.

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This Lunar New Year heralds in the Year of the Rat. Which, by the way, is supposed to be an auspicious year for everyone! The next 12 months should be about progression and starting new projects with enthusiasm. But you can make it even better by enhancing your good fortune through feng shui, no matter your zodiac.

Read on to find out what your sign’s lucky colour is, and which drinks to order for your best year yet.


Born: 1978, 1990, 2002

Energetic, and free, Horses generally need the freedom to be themselves. But in the Year of the Rat, they’d be wise to exercise caution. This is a year for the wild Horse to go slow, and be cautious – except for in matters of the heart. Your lucky colours this year are sienna and green, surround yourself with them to bring good fortune in. Negroni should be your go-to order this year, the same as the Rat. Try one at Stazione Novella.

Stazione Novella
Ming Hing House, 52-56 Staunton Street, Central; +852 259 0559


Born: 1967, 1979, 1991

2020 is a good year for you, generous Goats! It promises wealth, luck, travel and health. But, of course, no year is perfect. Keep yourself in tip-top shape and excellent health, so you’re able to tackle any obstacles thrown your way. Light blue, yellow and white are your auspicious colours this year, so we recommend lots of White Russians, Bee’s Knees and Mimosas. And, if you’re near Wan Chai, the passion fruit mojito at The Optimist has your name all over it.

The Optimist
239 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai; +852 2433 3324

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Born: 1968, 1980, 1992

Playful monkeys can look forward to a peaceful year in 2020. Important changes you’ve been wanting to make can happen, but you’ve got to put the effort in and believe in yourself. Thankfully, Monkeys are born with an ample supply of charm and intelligence, so this should be no problem. Attract even more good things to you with lucky colours: dark red, turquoise and yellow. For cocktails, why not try a Sazerac at Bar de Luxe? They make the best in town.

Bar de Luxe
30/F Asia Pacific Centre, 8 Wyndham Street, Asia Pacific Centre, Wyndham Street, Central; +852 3706 5716


Born: 1969, 1981, 1993

Hold tight, proud Roosters. 2020 is going to be a rollercoaster year for you, with plenty of ups and downs. Astrologers recommend making others your primary focus for this year, which will keep you out of trouble. Give your attention to family and friends, and you’ll be a very happy Rooster! Why not start by taking them out to drinks? Look for a blue or yellow cocktail to match your lucky colours. The Old Man has a gorgeous yellow mocktail called African Safari, made with Seedlip!

The Old Man
Lower G/F, 37 – 39 Aberdeen Street, Central; +852 2703 1899


Born: 1970, 1982, 1994

2020 is looking like another good year for faithful Dogs. These loyal, unselfish people have a pretty optimistic year ahead. With enough patience and hard work, you’ll be able to grow as a negotiator and learn to trust your choices more. Your lucky colours are green, white and grey. And if you’re looking for a cocktail to toast the Year of the Rat, head to Stockton for this gorgeous green creation.

32 Wyndham Street, Central; +852 2898 3788


Born: 1971, 1983, 1995

Known to be honest, pure and simple, Pigs are getting rewarded this year with exceptional luck. The Year of the Rat will be very good to them, if they’re able to be a bit more selfless and flexible when it comes to plans. The majority of your good luck this year is the result of the effort and hard work you’ve put in, enjoy it! Maybe with a cocktail or two? Your lucky colours are pink, grey and yellow, and we know just the drink for you: The Purple Sunbird at the Envoy. Don’t let the name fool you, the drink is actually a beautiful shade of pink, perfect for bringing good fortune to you.

The Envoy
3/F The Pottinger Hong Kong, 74 Queen’s Road Central, Central; +852 2169 3311

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